About Us

Who We Are

  • Shanghai Yuanheng Science & Technology Development Co,. Ltd was founded in 2009.
  • Company owner is a robot expert who has more than 15 years experience on commissioning large automatic robotic welding and cutting system as well as a whole range of product development and process improvement projects.
  • In development,we realized that except the hardware equipment, a high-tech, quick-start simulation software is also what this marketing needs. In 2011, we became the Value Added Reseller for Visual Components in Mainland of China.
  • Now we’re more powerful in the Manufacture Industry to provide our clients a better solution with better high-tech & tools, inside & outside.
  • We’ve got two offices in Shanghai, Business center in Raffles City,Operation & Supporting team in XinZhuang Minhang.

Our Partners


Founded in 1999, by a Finnish-American team of simulation experts, we were one of the first to spot the opportunities of making 3D simulation mainstream with reusable simulation components. That’s why we started designing a flexible and open simulation platform to combine robotics and material flow.

The original founding members were all development team members of Deneb’s IGRIP, VNC and QUEST products as well as Deneb’s expert in OLP (Off-Line Programming). The current management team consists of members with a combined total of more than a 100 years of experience in 3D simulation under their belt.

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FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH is a world leader in the development and sale of flexible, intuitive robot equipment. As a leader in technology, our clients and business partners trust in our top-quality expert knowledge and tried and tested experience in flexible automation.

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Regardless of industry, language, country or culture, applying TOC will lead to accelerating business improvement. TOC has been successfully applied by single handed sailors, hospitals, all types of manufacturing, including every graduation from mass production to bespoke engineer to order, in schools, in for profit and in not for profit organisations, and in most industrialised countries.

We have customers in: China, Cornwall, Brazil, England, Finland, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, India, Italy, Northern Ireland, Norway, Russia, Scotland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Wales, and the USA.


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Delfoi develops, markets and supports digital manufacturing solutions such as production planning & scheduling (Delfoi Planner) and robot offline programming and simulation solutions (Delfoi Robotics) and related consulting services for the industry. Delfoi’s solutions enable companies to speed up and streamline their production and delivery processes. With Delfoi’s products and services companies can plan, execute and manage their manufacturing and delivery processes, which will lead to shorter time-to-market, faster ramp-up, shorter lead times, less inventory and better delivery accuracy.

Delfoi, established in 1990, is a pioneer company and trailblazer in robot offline programming worldwide and a world-class expert in production simulation and production scheduling and execution.

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